Launchpad : Winter 2018 Cohort


Alain Balseiro.jpg

Alain Balseiro

LABORATORIUM is an educational program to teach kids robotics with 3D Animation.


THE COMMON WEALTH COLLECTIVE  is an event and entertainment company with a focus on social activism, offering services in promotion, production, and public relations.


dinisha brown

COMFORT ME is a company that helps provide comfort, easy access and privacy with style to people that need long term medical treatments, with clothing and accessories catered to meet their needs.


Michelle  Cook

ROXBURY RIDES encourages people of color in the communities of Roxbury, Dorchester & Mattapan, MA, to use biking as a form of exercise, transportation and fun.


Jenny Geffard

SURPLUS FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS is a personal finance consulting firm and credit repair company that specializes in educating young professionals, college students, and first-generation immigrants
on how to navigate their finances and create a holistic plan to build wealth.



ASILI is an athleisure company focused on innovation in manufacturing to reduce waste and retain quality with better fit, recycled materials, and improved product lifecyle of garments.



Plane Away is a service that allows you to book plane tickets several months in advance and pay it off monthly.

Insa Elliott.jpg

Insa Elliott

MARKET 2DAY expands the demand for farmers markets through a technology platform and service portfolio that strengthen the local food community and make commerce at open markets easy and convenient


Valter Gomes

KWEST helps attendees identify and connect with like-minded professionals before, during, and after events.


Khemenec Pantin

UPSTREAM provides information and access to schools for families seeking the ideal school choice for their young children.





INCLUVIE is the IMDB for diversity in film, allowing users to rate the racism out of Hollywood.

Cassandra (Peston).jpg

Cassandra FERGUSON

PESTON is a lifestyle brand committed to providing quality goods at an affordable price point.




Alexis Jones

THE TESPA is an immersive experience for lovers of everything tea, our one of a kind herbal blends are designed to maximize the potential of each herb.


Destiny Polk

RADICAL BLACK GIRL Radical Black Girl is an art-activist platform that strives to empower communities of color through collective art making and sharing experiences.